Councilors need to act quickly

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Since the P&Z decision to approve the site plan for the skate park located in front of Mesa Public Library has been appealed by some “affected residents,” the Los Alamos County Council must quickly put this matter to rest.

The council should schedule a special session to hear the appeal as soon as possible, and it must control the session to address the site plan and not the location. At both the P&Z meeting at which the site plan was approved and the council meeting at which the 90-percent design was approved, there continued to be negative discussion about the location. Two councilors contributed to that discussion.

I urge Council Chairman Jim Hall not to let that discussion happen at the appeal.

If the site plan meets the criteria, then the appeal must be overturned, and the P&Z decision must be upheld.

Patricia Max

Los Alamos