Council reviews requests

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Phase 2 CIP applications were reviewed Tuesday night

By Jennifer Garcia

Tuesday night’s Los Alamos County Council meeting continued into the early hours Wednesday morning, as council was faced with a heavy agenda.

At the beginning of the meeting in Council Chambers, Council Chair Mike Wismer told those in attendance that some of the public hearings scheduled to be heard would be continued until the June 23 special meeting in White Rock. In addition, the item regarding the county indigent hospital and the county health care board was also removed from the agenda and will be heard at a later date.

The main focus of Tuesday night’s meeting was to review Phase 2 Capital Improvement Projects applications and hear staff presentations for the following: White Rock Visitor Center; Los Alamos County Golf Course community building; Lighting upgrades for North Mesa sports complex; and the Los Alamos Archival and Records Center and budget revisions.

Before the presentations were made, councilors agreed to refrain from taking action on the applications. “This council and councils before us have been criticized for over spending,” Wismer said. He continued by saying that he realizes that it’s not about Los Alamos County residents not wanting council to make improvements and expand, but rather he realizes that some of the projects have been pricey.

“We’ll listen to the presentations and make a decision later because they (the projects) are complex.

In addition to the CIP applications, six ordinances involving changes to the county charter were introduced:

• Ordinance No. 564;

• Ordinance No. 565;

• Ordinance No. 566;

• Ordinance No. 567

• Ordinance No 568 and

• Ordinance No. 569.

  The ordinances will be heard at the June 23 meeting to be held in White Rock.

Editor’s note: See the Thursday edition of the Monitor for more on Tuesday night’s county council meeting.