Council needs to decide on Muni building

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By The Staff

As to your article on the muni building on Aug. 4: new joke: How much time and money does it take to build a Municipal Building in Los Alamos?

Answer: We’ll have to spend another year and more money getting everyone’s opinion on that and then pay an outside agency lots of money to study it for another year and we’ll get back to you.

People, it’s time to get it done.

We have the lot cleared, it has space for a building and parking, so it’s time to put up a design and get it built.

How many times do we have sit back and wait because some latecomer didn’t get their two cents in before the deadline?!

It’s time the council made a decision and stuck to it.

 As to the old Ashley Pond site: Why not build a permanent Band Pavilion for our concerts in the Park?


T. Martinson

Los Alamos