Council listens to all residents

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Mr. Nunz, perhaps the council is listening but instead of listening to a select group as it has for years it’s starting to realize that there are many different people in Los Alamos and they haven’t been properly represented because council has spent too many years giving in to the loudest group of people in order to give them their way.

 There is a new generation of people living in this town that don’t remember the “Good Old Days” when DOE took care of everything and they realize that this county has so sustain itself. There are young people and young families that feel that this town caters to the senior set and to some degree that is true.

 I have nothing against caring for the seniors in this community – they deserve the best care and attention they can get but that doesn’t mean we ignore the rest of the population. I think the ones out of touch are those who feel a sense of entitlement to have things their way because they’ve been here since the beginning.

 The times are changing and the government and infrastructure needs to grow and change to meet the needs of the community, not just a privileged few. You can blame the council for “ignoring” you if you like and so can many others but maybe for once they’re just not giving in to one group anymore.

 I think the job of a  councilor is to represent every group equally and not allow any group to bully them or coerce them into giving in to pressure or threats of recalls or voting them out of office at the end of their term.

They represent the entire community and I think that’s what Councilor Milder does and the fact is you and a small group of people in this town don’t like that. Some of us don’t like being left out of things and treated like we don’t matter either but we deal with it. Instead of whining we take action and find ways to affect change in our community after all it belongs to all of us.

 So before you go jumping on Mr. Chandler or Councilor Milder stop and think. Ask yourselves the question what about the rest of the community? How do they feel about what is happening? How does it affect their quality of life here in Los Alamos?

 That’s what I’m doing and I can tell you everyone I’ve spoken to has said the same thing; “We want change.” So maybe instead of complaining and name calling it’s time to sit back and evaluate the changes that need to be made. Figure out how to make them and if they benefit the community. Then put people in place to effect that change. I can sit around and whine about how it’s all unfair and nobody cares or I can get off my Butt, like I have and try to change things. It’s time to move on and look to the future.

Manny Baca

Council candidate