Council knits a batch of details Tuesday

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By Jennifer Garcia

The mood was light but the agenda was fairly heavy at last night’s county council work session held at the Town Hall in White Rock.

Councilors discussed a laundry list of items, some of which they took action for, others which were simply discussed, but no matter the situation, when it came to voting on motions presented to them, they were all on the same page.

The evening started out with a presentation and motion presented to council by Assistant County Administrator Anthony Mortillaro.

The motion presented suggested that “council approve restated purchase, sale and license agreement with Main Gate, LLC (Entrada) as amended Oct. 21, 2008 and authorize the county administrator to execute the restated agreement and any amendments to corollary documents consistent with the restated agreement and subject to the approval of the county attorney. I further move that council authorize the county administrator to execute a deed conveying approximately 5.5622 acres representing Lots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Entrada Business Park to Main Gate, LLC and appropriate closing documents. I further move that council approve Budget Adjustment No. 2009-16.”

After some questions from council, Councilor Ken Milder moved to approve the item, which was seconded by Councilor Jim West. After a vote, the motion passed 7-0.

Also on the agenda last night were the new/revised job descriptions and amendment to the FY 2009 Salary Plan as a result of the countywide job description review.

Michael Canfield and Shannon Mick, consultants from Valliant Enterprises, Inc. were present at the meeting last night. They worked with Human Resources Manager Sharyl Hofer and county managers and employees in an effort to create better job descriptions for the county.

The consultants and Hofer made their presentations to council and fielded questions from county councilors, after which Councilor Michael Wheeler made a motion to approve the job descriptions that were developed as a result of the countywide job descriptions review. The motion further asked that the FY 2009 Salary Plan be amended to reflect the new positions, titles and salary grades as reflected in Attachments A and B.

Wheeler’s motion was seconded by Councilor Nona Bowman and after a vote, the motion passed 7-0.

Hofer also presented another motion to council, asking that the job descriptions for Capital Projects Manager and Records Administrator be approved.

Further, the motion asked that council approve the FY 2009 Salary Plan to reflect the new positions.

County Administrator Max Baker made a brief presentation to council during which he suggested that the records administrator position be assigned a pay grade of 60. Councilor Bowman moved to approve the motion, seconded by Councilor West. After the vote was conducted, the motion passed 7-0.

Though no action was taken last night, councilors discussed how to better improve their relationships with boards and commissions, as well as board and commission subcommittees. A few various board members were in attendance to give their perspective on how councilors can improve those relationships, as well as their views on where the problems lie.

Community Services Director Stephani Johnson was in council chambers last night, as well, to seek approval for the purchase and placement of a historic sculpture among the trees between the Historic Museum and Fuller Lodge.

The sculpture will be life-size rendering of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Councilor Bowman moved to approve the motion seconded by Councilor Jim West and passed unanimously after a vote by council.

Councilor also appointed three members and one alternate to a canvassing committee for the 2008 general election. George Chandler (D), Bettie Kerr (R) and Laura Ann McClellan (D) were appointed to the committee, with L. Dick Tatro (R) appointed as an alternate, if necessary. The motion to approve this item was made by Councilor Milder, seconded by Council Vice-Chair Robert Gibson, and passed 7-0.