Council ducks its duty

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Regarding the petition election on the siting and structure of the new Municipal Building. I am deeply disappointed by the county council’s failure to act on Tuesday Oct. 26 to provide information to the voters on the issue of the petition regarding the siting and structure of the new  building. This is an abdication of its duty to explain to the public how it — the council — settled on the Central Avenue site.
It was the council that defined the selection criteria for the site, and it was the council that accepted the recommendation of the site selection committee. I  served on that committee, but our job, as I understood it, was to analyze and recommend ­— any decision was definitively the prerogative of the council.
I do agree that the council could also provide the argument presented by the  petitioners since they are also citizens of the county. But doing nothing is totally irresponsible, in my opinion. Pat Max couldn’t be more wrong – this council is anything but a Goliath, however much she and Richard Hannemann wish to style themselves as Davids.
These opinions are my own.  

Terry  Goldman, member
Municipal Site Selection Committee 2009