Council Advance

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By Katy Korkos

The county council will meet Tuesday in a regular session at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers at 475 20thSt. After a period for public comment and the approval of the minutes from previous meetings, the consent agenda includes a planning calendar for the 2009/2010 budget and performance measure, presented by Chief Financial Officer Steven Lynne, a memorandum of agreement for GRIPII funding, a capital cooperative agreement associated with 2007 legislative appropriations for the West Jemez Bypass project, approval of new equipment and software for electric production and a service agreement with Voith Siemens for the El Vado digital governor and unit control upgrade. Consent agenda items can be withdrawn by councilors for further consideration in the agenda section entitled “Business.”

The business agenda contains only one item, the discussion and possible action or selection of a county attorney. The council met in closed session on November 19 to discuss the selection of a county attorney, and the agenda item is a placeholder for any action which council may wish to take.

Council business includes the appointment of two people to fill vacancies on the Youth Advisory Board, committee reports, councilor comments and an additional opportunity for public comment.