Council action disappointing

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I and many other Los Alamos residents were very disappointed in our County Council members’ actions at the council meeting in White Rock Tuesday, Aug. 19. Council members, with the exception of Nona Bowman, apparently came to the meeting to discuss a previously announced agenda item with closed minds, having already decided how they would vote. Some even presented statements written prior to hearing the discussion and testimonies that citizens gave.

Why discuss issues when councilors arrogantly decide outcomes before hearing the public? The location of the skate park in front of the library has been a very painful and divisive issue because of the large number of residents who want to preserve the areas close to the historic district as a peaceful green area. These citizens all like children, have raised children, and have supported a multitude of youth and recreational issues in Los Alamos, and are in favor of building a new skate park. The council stated that the location of the skate park is not an important issue. I disagree!

It is important when it illustrates how council members have refused to seek an alternative location that would please everyone. Building a new skate park is not an emergency! The agenda item was well-presented in a logical manner as to how cities usually choose a location for such a park.

The request, signed by previous and present lawmakers with better, more successful political service records than our present council members (i.e. Steve Stoddard, Jeannette Wallace, Morrie Pongratz) asked the council put the skate park location in front of the Library (yes or no) on the November ballot. This would not be an expensive thing to do, but would allow the council to see the actual number of citizens who do not want the skate park located in front of the Library.

Or....if a greater number of voters preferred the Library location, it would be fairly accepted by all. Councilors, you have demonstrated to us all that (with the exception of Nona) you don’t want to listen to the opinions of those citizens who elected you. You prefer to make up your own mind.

This arrogant attitude does not endear you to the voting public. We have only two candidates running for council in the coming election who have demonstrated to the public that they will listen to their constituents and represent us with an open mind, not a closed one. Remember their names: Mike Wismer and Vincent Chiravalle when you vote for council members in November.

Signed, a very disappointed citizen.

Los Alamos