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The Monitor has learned that there were some factual inaccuracies in a letter to the editor that was published in the Oct. 21 edition under the headline: Judicial candidate’s judgment called into question.
The letter from Amy Storey stated: “Additionally his (Gary Ahlers) large election signs have two problems. They do not indicate on the sign who paid for it, as is required. And according to the Sign Permit Application, political signs may be no larger than two square feet.”
Mr. Ahlers did provide the Monitor with the original approved Sign Application Permit, which was certified by Nancy Cerutti at Los Alamos County. The permit allows for the candidate to have signs which measure 4x4 feet or 16 square feet.
In reference to the required wording for the campaign funding statement on the larger signs, Mr. Ahlers said that the wording was inadvertently omitted when the signs were printed and that stickers with the required wording were applied to the signs prior to being placed for public view. He said that weather conditions and/or tampering may have resulted in the stickers coming off some of the larger signs.
The Monitor makes every effort to provide factual information and it regrets any inconvenience these inaccuracies may have caused Mr. Ahlers.

NOTE: It has been determined that according to the permit applications each party received, neither Gary Ahlers nor Amy Storey were incorrect. For more information about the county's sign code, see http://www.lamonitor.com/content/political-sign-apps-cause-flap.