Cooperativeness is good but is donation good idea?

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By Ralph Damiani

We understand that the University of New Mexico branch at Los Alamos is a real asset to the community. And we understand that it has felt the bite of the recession with a downturn in enrollment, causing some financial difficulities.

But we really do not understand the county giving the school $150,000 in financial assistance. That seems be beyond what the county should do.

We are all supportative of UNM-LA and think this institution should be supported by the community. Just not with taxpayer money.

UNM has a substantially larger budget than the county and avenues of financial input far beyond what the county can pull together. So why are little old us giving great big them money?

While it is good that Michael Wismer and Vincent Chiravalle abstained when the council voted unanimously to include the request in the county’s FY2010 budget – Wismer is on the college board and Chiravalle’ mother is chair – this is just something that does not fit what local taxpayer money should be for.

The projects for building renovations and classroom upgrades are good ones. But should be the responsibility of the university.

We appauld the council for its interest in all of the community and we think they should get nothing but praise for seeking ways to help and for seeking ways to be of assistance to all of the residents and programs that are important to Los Alamos.

We just do not think that actually giving the university money is a good idea.