Convicted sex offender nabbed lunching at local eatery

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By Carol A. Clark

The Los Alamos Sheriff's Office initiated an investigation that led to today's noon capture of a convicted sex offender who's been living in the 2000 block of 34th Street for several months.

The Sheriff's Office, U.S. Marshals Service and local police participated in the arrest of Bruce Crousser, 44, a convicted sex offender from Missouri. Crousser was apprehended at a local diner about to have lunch. He failed to register as a sex offender as required by law, according to officials.

"Court records show Mr. Crousser was convicted of several sex crimes, some of which involved minor children," Lucero said. "He's been working for a contractor doing business in the local area.”

Crousser was court-martialed in the U. S. Army in 2001 and served three years in the bureau of prisons, which is part of the federal military prison system, he said. Crousser first registered as a sex offender in 2003 in the state of Oregon and last registered there in 2009.

Since then he has been on the move in an apparent attempt the avoid law enforcement, Lucero said, adding that a detective in Oregon told him Crousser might be in the local area.

Lucero launched an investigation, conducting surveillance, running license plate checks and confirming utility bill registration on the 34th Street home.

"I worked and managed criminal investigations for 17 years and the worst crimes I saw were against innocent children," he said. "I'm passionate about protecting the children of this community from predators and today was a big success."

Lucero is calling on parents of minor children who may have had contact with Crousser to come forward.

"I'd like them to contact the Sheriff's Office at 662-8020 or the police department at 662-8222 to report any possible wrong doing," he said.

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