Control that bad stress

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Some amount of stress is inevitable in life and positive stress can also be helpful to thrive in life. But uncontrollable stress is the major concern that may cause harm.  When you feel stressed, your body always reacts to it. As medically proven, long term stress damages your body seriously and causes various chronic ailments.
Some people may develop high blood pressure, heart disease, digestion problems, breathing disorders, hormonal imbalances, skin problems, aches and pains…the list is endless. You cannot live a completely healthy life with lots of stress. But how does one let go of stress?  Learning a simple method to overcome stress can help. Think about a stressful issue that is bothering you. Bring your mind back to your body. Close your eyes. Feel your body from inside. Observe what is happening. Make a note of your observations.
How do you feel in your body as you think about the stressful issue? Are you feeling any discomfort/tightness/pain in your body? What is happening to your breathing? What other physical symptoms of stress are you feeling? Do you have any ailments? Are you holding on to the stress in any part of your body? How long are you holding it? On a scale of 0 to 10, what is the level of your physical stress? What is this level of physical stress doing to your body? To your mind? To your health? To your life in general? I encourage you to send me your answers to bhasweti@stressfreetools.com to get feedback.
Now it is time to let go of stress. In your mind, connect with that part of your body where you are holding the stress. Open your mouth, breathe it out and let go. Visualize you are releasing all your physical stress from your body. Continue this process until you feel relaxed. It is a simple meditation technique with visualization that can help you relax.

Bhasweti Gewhas, PhD.
Los Alamos