Construction Zone 10-04-11

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Iris Street Utility Work
Starting on Sept. 27, Iris Street between 9th Street and 15th Street will be restricted to one-way westbound traffic. Access the YMCA off westbound Iris or 15th Street; access the Bradbury Science Museum business complex off Central or off of 15th Street. Access the apartments north of Iris from westbound Iris. Work schedule will be M-F, 7 am – 4 pm. This work is associated with the construction of the new Municipal Building complex. Expect heavy truck traffic in the area due to this work as well as the demolition of the last Los Alamos Apartment building.
Public Works Projects:
For more information about the projects listed below, please e-mail lacpw@lacnm.us or call 662-8150.
Diamond Drive Phase 4 2011
As weather permits, one additional coat of striping and roadway markings will be placed over the next 1-2 weeks, allowing cure time between each application. Expect short term lane closures during non-peak hours. Please observe established traffic control to avoid getting paint on your vehicle.
Work continues on manhole and valve cover adjustments between the Los Alamos Canyon Bridge abutment to approximately Sycamore. These adjustments are required to bring the manholes and valve covers to the correct height. Expect short term lane closures during non-peak hours. After construction, the work zone will remain in place until the concrete has cured.
As the contractor works through any identified punch list item, there will likely be short-term intermittent lane closures.
Roadway Surveying & Striping
Traffic crews continue surveying followed by placement of striping and roadway markings on NM502, Knecht Street north of Trinity, and Canyon between the Aquatic Center and Diamond. This work is weather dependant. Expect lane shifts and possible flagging operations.