Construction Zone 05-29-11

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Public Works Projects
For more information about the projects listed below, please email lacpw@lacnm.us or call 662-8150.

Diamond Drive
Phase 4
Northbound from the Bridge – No left turns onto West or Trinity; use Sandia. No left onto Canyon Road, use University.  The right turn slip lane onto eastbound Trinity is closed; motorists in the right lane must turn right onto eastbound Trinity at the signalized intersection. The left lane continues through the work zone.
Southbound from University Drive – Expect two southbound lanes south of Sandia.  The left lane is a through/left turn lane at Canyon Drive and a left turn lane at Trinity Drive.  The right lane is the through lane for traffic crossing the bridge, as well as right turns onto University, Canyon, Trinity, and West Road.  Left turns onto West Road are okay, however, the dedicated left turn lane will no longer be present.
What’s Next? The week of June 6, Canyon will be closed for a little over a week.
Commuters who typically use NM502 to access LANL work sites south of the Los Alamos Canyon Bridge are urged to use the Truck Route or Pajarito Road to minimize the traffic volume going through the Diamond/Trinity intersection.
Transit: The southbound Park & Ride bus stop between Trinity and West Road is open. The northbound Park & Ride bus stop has moved from in front of the hospital further east on Trinity, in front of the pink house.
The southbound Atomic City Transit bus stop on Diamond Drive at the Lemon Lot will be closed when Canyon is closed; use the bus stop across from the hospital. The bus stop north of Canyon near the High School Jock Lot continues to be closed; use the bus stop near Orange.
Parking lots
and curb painting
County crews will be striping public parking lots and painting curbs in various townsite and White Rock locations over the next couple of weeks. Expect short term work zones for the application and drying of the paint.
NM502 Truck Traffic (Airport Runway
Extension Project)
Expect slow moving and turning truck traffic on westbound NM502. As the trucks climb the hill, its speed slows to 20-25 mph and is further reduced when the trucks make the turn onto airport property. Do not tailgate, do not pass in the turn lanes, pay attention to the traffic ahead of you, and expect 5-10 minute delays.
Check the County’s website www.losalamosnm.us/projects for the most current updates.