Construction Zone 04-24-11

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For more information about the projects listed below, please email lacpw@lacnm.us or call 662-8150.

N.M. 502 Truck Traffic Airport runway
extension project
Expect heavy volumes of slow moving and turning truck traffic on westbound N.M. 502 through mid-May. As the trucks climb the hill, its speed slows to 20-25 mph and is further reduced when the trucks make the turn onto airport property. Do not tailgate, do not pass in the turn lanes, pay attention to the traffic ahead of you, and expect 5-10 minute delays.
Diamond Drive Phase 4 2011
Exceptions to the typical traffic control outlined below:
At 6:30 a.m. Monday, the west leg of the Trinity/Diamond intersection will be closed for milling, paving and reinstallation of roadway markings. This work should be accomplished in one day. Traffic will be detoured to Sandia or 43rd to Fairway, to West Road.
At 6:30 a.m. Wednesday the west leg of the West/Diamond intersection will be closed for milling, paving, and reinstallation of roadway markings. This work should be accomplished in one day. Traffic will be detoured to Fairway to 43rd to Trinity.
Typical traffic
control see
exceptions above:
Northbound from the Bridge – Expect two lanes, with a left turn bay at West Road, through lane, and right turn lane into the hospital parking lot.
Two lanes continue northbound with the right lane peeling off to eastbound Trinity.
Those in the left lane may turn left onto Trinity, no left turn onto west Canyon (Sullivan Field) use University, or continue northbound through the intersection. Please Note: During the evening commute, instead of turning left onto Trinity and causing traffic behind you to stop, please seek an alternate route. Once past Trinity, one lane continues northbound through the work zone.
Southbound from University Drive – Expect two southbound lanes south of Sandia.  The left lane is a through/left turn lane at Canyon Drive and a left turn lane at Trinity Drive.  The right lane is the through lane for traffic crossing the bridge, as well as right turns onto University, Trinity, and West Road.  There is also a left turn bay at West Road to provide access to the medical center.
Please stop at the white stop bar markings and Stop Here on Red signs at the traffic signals.
Large trucks are having difficulty making turns when vehicles stop too far forward at the signalized intersections.
Commuters who typically use N.M. 502 to access LANL work sites south of the Los Alamos Canyon Bridge are urged to use the Truck Route or Pajarito Road to minimize the traffic volume going through the Diamond/Trinity intersection.
Transit: Park & Ride bus stop between Trinity and West Road is now located at Trinity and 39th. The southbound Atomic City Transit bus stop on Diamond Drive at the Lemon Lot has been moved to Canyon Road west of the Catholic Church. The bus stop north of Canyon near the High School Jock Lot is closed; use the bus stop near Orange.
Pedestrians: Pedestrians will be directed to the east side of Diamond Drive at West Road.
Pedestrians should stay on the east side of Diamond through the work zone and cross at the overpasses or Sandia/Orange.
Bicyclists: Take a lane or dismount and follow the pedestrian path; alternate routes are highly recommended.
High School Students: Access Mesa Field via Sandia / 40th / University. Access the Duane Smith parking lot via Orange Street.