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By The Staff

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Diamond Drive Phase 4:

There will be different day and night traffic control set-ups to accommodate day and night work starting on Wednesday. Please read the following information carefully.

During the day 6 a.m.-8 p.m.: Northbound Diamond traffic from the Los Alamos Canyon Bridge approaching the Trinity intersection will have three options: veer right onto Trinity, continue northbound on Diamond in one lane of traffic; or turn left onto Trinity into the Western Area.

If motorists continue north on Diamond through the Trinity intersection a left turn lane will be provided at the Sullivan Field driveway at Canyon; University will be closed at Diamond, use Sandia; access the businesses west of Diamond via the two driveways in front of the Metzger’s Mobil station or off Sandia; expect full access at the Sandia and Orange intersection, where the work zone will end and all travel lanes, bike lanes and sidewalks north of the intersection will be open for use.

Southbound Diamond traffic south of the Sandia/Orange intersection will have one lane until the center section paving is complete, after which two lanes for southbound traffic will be available; access to businesses west of Diamond Drive will be open; University will be closed at Diamond, use Sandia; access Sullivan Field at the Canyon intersection. The work zone will end at Canyon.

Pedestrians: Pedestrian access will be maintained through the work zone and will be appropriately signed. Cross at signalized intersections or the crossing near Sycamore. The north pedestrian overpass remains closed.

Bicyclists: Use the pedestrian access and dismount at crossings or assertively “take a lane” through the work zone. Motorists must not attempt to pass bicyclists within the work zone.

During the night 8 p.m.-6 a.m.: The contractor will begin working on the north pedestrian overpass and three utility line crossings along Diamond Drive on Wednesday. For safety reasons, this work requires night closure of Diamond Drive between Trinity and the Sandia/Orange intersections between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. Expect the following traffic control.

Diamond Drive will be closed between Trinity and Sandia/Orange streets, use the Trinity/Sandia Loop. Canyon westbound traffic will be routed up 39th Street to Trinity Drive. University Drive will be inaccessible, use Sandia.

Pedestrian and bicyclist access will be maintained.

Expect continued variations in congestion and delay times as travelers adjust to the revised work zone. Please allow an extra 20-30 minutes travel time, especially during the peak hours.

The weekly open discussions for the Diamond Phase 4 project are held each Wednesday at the Metzger’s Mobil Station at the corner of Diamond and Sandia. Stop by between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m. and a county representative will be available to discuss the project.

Trinity Drive Concrete Work: The N.M. Department of Transportation is scheduled to replace the concrete valley gutter along Trinity Dr. (N.M. 502) at Knecht Street on the north side of Trinity, this week.  Expect lane closures at this intersection as the work progresses across Knecht Street. The NMDOT will also remove and reconstruct some curb and gutter as well as sidewalk sections. The work is expected to last approximately 15 days, including concrete cure time and will require lane drops.

Oppenheimer Drive between Trinity and Central Avenue has been restored to allow traffic on both sides of the center median. Please be sure to use the correct lane, pay attention and use caution as motorists readjust to this previous configuration.

Work zone tampering continues. Do not move traffic control devices as this crime is punishable by a $300 fine or 90 days in jail. Consequences may increase if the tampering causes injury or property damage. Please report suspicious activity or suspected tampering to the Los Alamos Police Department by dialing 911 or 662-8222.

Thank you for your continued cooperation, patience and courtesy.

As a reminder for all work zones, please use the queue space provided, take turns merging at the merge points, don’t block intersections and drive defensively.

Consider carpooling, flexing schedules or riding Atomic City Transit (www.AtomicCityTransit.com).

Diamond Drive Phase 5

Diamond Drive South of Trinity: Partial lane closures on Diamond Drive, south of Trinity, will occur Tuesday–Thursday during the hours of 7 p.m. –

6 a.m.  The work is occurring at night to minimize traffic disruption on this major artery during the daytime hours.

Nearby residents may hear some construction noise during these nighttime hours.

Pedestrian access along Diamond southbound near West Road remains open with cement barrier protection on the west side of Diamond southbound. The bus stop (for Atomic City Transit and Park & Ride) on this southbound segment of Diamond  has been moved approximately 150 feet southward.