Consider voting yes on pool

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Los Alamos has been well served by the Aquatic Center.  Now we have the opportunity to enhance the Aquatic Center and the quality of life for the community by voting yes in the special election for a leisure pool addition.
A dream of many “Blue Whale” supporters has been the addition of a leisure pool. For more than 20 years, contributions have been collected to support this effort.
The pool offers opportunities for swim lessons, warm water therapy, lap swimming, international high altitude team trainings and state swimming meets, all of which benefit our community. I have participated in many of these activities and seen the positive impact county wide.  
In addition, many college swimming scholarships have been awarded to Los Alamos High School student swimmers. Please consider joining me in voting yes for the leisure pool addition that will serve the very young and provide another option for the youth  of our community.    

Mike Wheeler
Los Alamos