Conservation is patriotic

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

In response to “Energy: Influx of cash to solve the financial crisis” (Oct. 15):

The four energy-themed questions by the so-called Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE) to more than 3,000 registered voters appear to have very little to do with responsible sustainable energy generation or consumption. The proposed cash influx to solve the current financial crisis is even more ludicrous and shortsighted. CARE’s four questions were obviously worded in such a way to guide responses heavily towards supporting the short term goals of  the oil-exploration/drilling, associated “Big-Oil” companies and related interests.

For example, question 2:  Do you favor increasing American-produced energy including offshore drilling?

Yes, we all favor increasing American-produced energy, especially from sustainable sources such as solar, wind, bio-fuels, tidal, hydroelectric and a host of others. However a “yes” answer to No. 2 would then imply that the respondent also supported drilling for oil.

When will the authors of such articles and biased surveys face up to the unpleasant reality that America consumes about 25 percent of the world’s oil but only possesses about 3 percent of the world’s total reserves.

Any reliance on what remains here is a short-term fix. On the other hand, even here in New Mexico we have a daily quota of solar energy, wind-power and bio-fuel capacity alone to supply a large proportion of the nation’s energy needs. All are sustainable and provide jobs and income into the foreseeable future.

Other scientific realities also include the fact that one ton of “clean-burning” coal produces at least three tons of carbon dioxide and one ton of “clean-burning” natural-gas at least 2 tons of the same. This does not even take into account exploration/mining/transportation energy consumption. A similar ecological disaster also accompanies oil-shale/tar-sands development for energy production.

In summary, as a nation we must face up to the reality that we use energy and materials extravagantly and wastefully. Shouldn’t we define true patriotism as a concerted effort by each and every one of us to try and reduce our energy consumption, thereby cutting down on oil imports and at the same time reducing our massive overseas trade deficits?

After such a vow our nation’s ability to develop sustainable energy generation and distribution resources, revolutionize storage capacity, design and construct energy efficient transportation and housing, etc., will enable us to dig ourselves out of our current financial nightmare and regain our place as a land of hope.

Gerald B.  Ansell

Los Alamos