Congressman Lujan plans to visit LA schools Wednesday

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Congressman Ben Ray Lujan plans to be in Los Alamos Wednesday. Rep. Lujan will visit with students and staff at both the middle school and high school.

The congressman's office released his agenda Monday morning:

February 2, 2011

Middle School and High School


10:30                       Arrive at Middle School

10:30-10:40            Reception in lounge

                                Student council leadership meet and greet visitors
10:40-10:50            Donna Grim and Rex Kilburn

                                Solar array and the education specifications /construction plans  
10:50-11:00            Donna Grim – Teacher Recognition

                                Introduce teachers who have pursued and been awarded grants in the recent past: Barbara Jo Mullis, Ellie Springfield, Eva Abeyta,      Stephanie Krantz, Garett Williams, Clara Vigil, and Jennifer Holmes

11:00-11:10            Library: Donna Grim – Student Recognition

                                Introduce the winners of the Science Bowl Team and the winners of   the District Science Fair 

11:10-11:20            Science classrooms visitation  

11:20-11:30            Departure to High School


11:30                       Arrive at High School

                                Welcome by ROTC and students in P Lot:

                                Scott Carlson, Keanna Cohen and Alex Kendrick


11:30-11:40            Class visits - Don Davis                 Robotics                      P3A

11:40-11:50            Class visits - Sally Shockey            AP Calculus                R2

11:50-12:05            Construction Tour                          Hard Hats please

12:05-12:15            Class visits - Kathy Boerigter         Advanced Chemistry  S102

12:15-12:45            Lunch in the Conference Room