Compare our property tax rates with Santa Fe

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By Morris B. Pongratz

Dear Editor,

You can find data on the latest property tax rates at www.tax.state.nm.us/pubs/TaxreseStat/losalamos07.pdf for Los Alamos and Santa Fe. You will note that municipal rates in Santa Fe are 1.026 mills (residential) and 1.945 (non-residential). In Los Alamos the municipal rates are 3.315 mills (residential) and 4.246 (non-residential). In other words Los Alamos municipal property tax rates are nearly triple the same rates in Santa Fe!

The way to cut property taxes is for county council to reduce the budgeted revenue from property taxes in the budget that they’ll be working on this month. If they do not cut back in projected property tax revenues then the state will look at their budgeted amount and about August they’ll send a notice telling councilors what property tax rates they need to adopt to meet the projected revenue.

Then they’ll look at each other and say that they have to pass the proposed rates. I know; that happened to us when I was on council.

Help local businesses by reducing property taxes to the Santa Fe levels by reducing the budgeted revenue from property taxes in the budget.

Morris B. Pongratz

Los Alamos