Company well-schooled in lean manufacturing

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Henry Production Inc. of Farmington puts a premium on training.
The 51-year-old company is a one-stop oilfield service company, selling and maintaining compressors and pumps used in the oil and natural gas industry, servicing and overhauling engines and fabricating skids and piping, among other things.
Because machine technology is always changing, the company sponsors a 16-week class once a year to ensure its newer technicians understand the mechanical systems they’re working with. Even seasoned techs take refresher courses to stay on top of technological advances.
The company also sends its employees to classes and workshops offered by the New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership, a nonprofit that helps small and midsized U.S. businesses become more profitable by adopting streamlined processes of production and administration.
All of the company’s
100 employees have been trained in one or more aspects of lean manufacturing, and some have had more than one type of training, according to Anita Peralta, human resources manager.
It’s all part of Henry Production’s effort to “make the process and work areas more efficient,” Peralta said. “When you’re efficient, you’re more productive” and productivity translates into profitability.
All hands on deck
Most recently, MEP trainers visited Henry Production’s Pump & Service shop to see how the company could streamline its work overhauling engines and other machine parts.
The trainers used value stream mapping to deconstruct every step of a typical job — starting with how an order is placed and ending with delivery of the repaired engine to the client — with an eye to eliminating any steps that didn’t add value to the finished product.
Mapping involves comparing the real-world process to an idealized plan of how it would operate if waste and redundancy were eliminated.
The end result is a “reconstructed” procedure that’s stripped to its essentials so products can get to customers as soon as possible.
The value stream training was done in-house, and every employee was involved in the reorganization of workstations to eliminate wasteful bottlenecks.
“MEP helps you look at all the processes in a way that will help you get the best out of your shop,” said Roy Scott, vice president of the company’s Rotating Equipment division. “It has helped the productivity of the Pump & Service shop.”
Henry Production has applied lean manufacturing and efficiency standards companywide, from its accounting department to the cadre of technicians who drive to remote oilfields to service or deliver parts and equipment.
The company recently installed global positioning systems in its entire fleet to monitor the progress of fieldwork and be alert to the safety of workers who might be beyond the reach of cell phone service.
The point is to make sure that all parts of this evolving company are working for the benefit of the whole.
Here to help
New Mexico MEP is part of a nationwide network dedicated to innovations that improve the abilities of smaller businesses to be productive and competitive.
Most New Mexico businesses qualify for financial assistance to attend the organization’s training sessions or to receive onsite help applying lean practices from the office to the manufacturing floor.
For more information about New Mexico MEP workshops or training sessions, visit
newmexicomep.org or call

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