Community does serve youth

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

In a recent letter to the editor, (Aug. 12) Manuel Baca refers to petitioners who believe that “eethe youth of this community have been sold short and have been given the short end of the stick.” Mr. Baca is among those petitioners. I have to wonder what planet these people are living on.

As one who has served many years in municipal, regional, and state government, some of it in Los Alamos, I am in a good position to compare the youth services in this county with other counties in New Mexico and the United States. Based on my experience, I must say that the citizens/taxpayers of Los Alamos County have been extraordinarily generous in providing our young people with outstanding recreational and educational services.

Let me count the ways: a ski run within fifteen minutes drive from town, an ice skate park, tennis courts in almost every neighborhood, softball fields, soccer fields, an outstanding aquatic center, a fully lighted baseball field, an 18 hole golf course, a fully equipped YMCA, a youth recreational center, beautiful park facilities throughout the county, a vibrant public library system, a fine community college, and the best public school system in the state. Have I missed anything?

I might add that all of these facilities are operated and maintained by knowledgeable and dedicated personnel who are consistently responsive to the needs of our youth.

Mr. Baca, I would like you to take me to any municipality in New Mexico – or the United States for that matter – with a population of less that 20,000, and show me how they compare with Los Alamos in recreational and educational services for the youth. I’ll pay the transportation costs.

As an aspiring Council member, I think you would be better served by expressing your appreciation and gratitude to the citizens/taxpayers for their long support of youth services. Your denigration of their generosity, over so many years, shows an unfortunate lack of sensitivity to the history of our community.

Los Alamos