Comment was not meant to offend anyone

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This letter is in response to a blog written by Monitor Publisher Keven Todd regarding the council meeting wherein the petition spearheaded by Richard Hannemann was discussed.   
How dare you liken Mr. Hannemann to the Fuhrer!   Especially considering the many citizens who signed the petition and how often I have heard citizens say, “The council is always going to do what the council is going to do, they don’t care what the citizens say or think about anything.”  
This is insulting to not only Mr. Hannemann but also to the nearly 2,000 citizens who signed the petition. The petition process is part of our governmental system and no one should be mocked for using that process!  How dare Mr. Todd, who has only lived in this county a short time, denigrate Mr. Hannemann and the citizens who signed the petition?  How dare anyone cry illegal when it was accepted by the council?
I really would like to know why there are people in this county who seem to feel they are more important than the rest of the citizens who live here. However, it appears that those who consider themselves the true movers and shakers in the county cry foul when they do not get their way.  
I suppose I should forgive Mr. Todd for his ill informed opinions because he has not been a citizen of the county for very long and obviously has not bothered to read past council meeting minutes in order to become informed.  Where he gets his mistaken information I would not care to guess. However, his comment about Mr. Hannemann is libelous and I strongly advise him to retract said statement and publish a formal apology on the front page of the newspaper.    
I do not generally take an active part in politics because I have a very low opinion of politicians, but I happen to be espoused to Mr. Hannemann and take great exception to Mr. Todd’s irresponsible and immature remark.
No one in this county has ever bothered to go door to door to ask citizens’ opinions on what this county government is doing. Richard was out evenings and weekends going door to door and it was rather remarkable how many people were less than happy at the council’s highhanded decision not to rebuild the Municipal Building at its original location, which I might add is what council said that they would do.
It seems to me that council keeps asking questions on every issue until they finally hear the answer they want to hear. They appoint people to committees, hire “experts” on all and sundry issues and wait until they find someone who will agree with what they want to do.  
Council admitted at the recent council meeting that the criteria given to the committee appointed to pursue a location for the Municipal Building was flawed. Yet those same people who “put a lot of work” into forming a decision now expect that their word is law, when the criteria that was used was flawed! Excuse me but the citizens of this county should have the final decision on where to put the Municipal Building.
The council said it would be rebuilt in its original location and then reneged on that statement.  
The county does not need a 67,000 square foot building, it is my understanding that there are empty offices down at the airport basin site, the council and/or county projected the cost to rebuild the Municipal Building would be $15 million and that has already jumped to $25 million and nothing has yet been done!
The council and government may be under the mistaken impression that the citizens of this county do not care what happens here because they remain silent.
It would behoove them to realize that many citizens of this county are fed up with the council’s cavalier treatment of them and they do not wish to take it anymore.
I would strongly suggest that everyone involved in the issue of the Municipal Building behave like adults instead of spoiled children (yes, Mr. Todd this goes for you, too).  I would also suggest that Mr. Todd take the time to do research about the hot button issues in the county before he spouts libelous nonsense. I suggest in the strongest terms possible that he print a retraction and an apology on the front page of the next newspaper immediately or legal remedies will be undertaken.    

Karon Fries-Hannemann
Los Alamos

Publisher’s note: Mrs. Hannemann, I want to stress that the reference in the blog was not meant to be taken literally, nor was it intended to insult Mr. Hannemann. In fact, I laud his willingness to be involved in community issues. The reference was made solely to illustrate a point about the council and its actions.