Cleaning up after storms costs $477K

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By The Staff

The cost of the December and January Storms have totaled nearly half a million dollars, according to the county’s official estimates.

The county shelled out $477,050 in December and January to plow and move snow off the streets, almost twice the amount it budgeted for. The county only budgeted $253,692 for the task, assuming that Los Alamos County was going to have an average winter. Most of the extra cost went to hiring outside contractors and overtime. The cost for the contractors was $294,777 and the overtime was $47,172 through Jan. 22.

To cover the costs of the snow removal, County Council Jan. 29 voted to take $113,563 from the county’s General Fund to cover the cost. 

“Sounds to me like county management’s been very pragmatic is saying we need to have some funds available if we get more snow,” County Chair Sara Scott said. “Again, we wouldn’t anticipate another one like this, but  looking ahead and planning is in place and is appropriate.”