Clean energy: The time is now

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

In early April, Sen. Pete Domenici could cast a key vote to extend tax incentives crucial to sustaining and expanding clean energy industries. These credits enable wind farms and solar panel companies to secure investments to produce clean, renewable, carbon-free electricity and will put our country on the path to a clean-energy economy.The timeline is short: Wall Street is deciding on its 2009 investments right now. If Congress does not provide consistent tax credits for producing clean energy, it could jeopardize more than 100,000 jobs by leading private investors to pull funding from clean-energy projects scheduled to break ground in 2009.An American future of new green jobs, millions of dollars in clean energy investments and leadership in clean-energy technology now rests in the hands of United States senators.Senator, please vote “YES” on a clean-energy tax package that will move us away from our dirty energy past and toward a clean energy future.Frances MeierLos Alamos