Civility lacking

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By Ralph Damiani

Longtime bicyclist Steven Booth had a concern and while local officials were willing to listen, there was little they could do.

Booth told county officials that it is very dangerous to ride a bike here. Drivers cut cyclists off or just can’t see those folks on the human-powered vehicles.

He said it is so bad that he is going to stop riding to work here.

While education may be a part of the problem, it may go deeper than that. There seems to be a lack of courtesy that goes beyond just a bicyclist.

We are contacted all the time by folks who disagree with us, or have a problem with what we have published, or have found a mistake or who just want to complain. All of that is fine.

The problem is they generally are just rude about it. Yes, we make mistakes. Yes, we will publish articles you may not like. But we do not think that it justifies the name-calling, rudeness and simple ugliness that some people here find necessary.

Disagree. Have issues. But please don’t be so ugly.

In his final column as he left the county council, Jim Hall talked about a lack of civility here. People just don’t disagree, they are too often rude about it.

We think that Council Vice Chair Michael Wismer and Police Chief Wayne Torpy should be congratulated for having the bike meeting. We hope something can be done to make the streets safe for everyone.

This is a fine community with many great people, doing many great things.

We should be able to rise above all this, we are a better people.

Let’s hope that something can be done with our traffic situation before someone is seriously hurt. Motorists need to understand the catastrophic consequences that exist for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists when they’re hit by a 4,000 pound vehicle.

Let’s be courteous, especially when we disagree. Everyone will be better for the experience.