Cindi Allmendinger talks about ranch life

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By Lily Johnson and Kenzi Hunsaker

Cindi Allmendinger said she loves to teach geometry and financial literacy at Los Alamos High School, but she has other interests outside of teaching that few know about. Teen Pulse’s staff members Lily Johnson and Kenzi Hunsaker put her to the test and interviewed her about her high school experience.

Q: Where did you grow up and what high school did you go to?

A: “I grew up on a ranch, one of the last working ranches in Colorado Springs. I went to high school at Cheyenne High School.”

Q. Did you have a high school sweetheart?

A: “No my horse (was). I showed horses ... and my school let me take off time to travel all over the nation ... as long as my grades were (a) ‘B’ or better.”

Q: What clique did you belong to? What were you like?

A: “I didn’t belong to a clique because I actually traveled and showed horses, and if there (would have been) a horse show clique, I (would have) belonged to it.”

Q: What made you want to be a teacher?
A: “I love science and I love math and when I started coaching soccer, I realized how much I loved teaching … One of the parents of one of my students was the principal and said, ‘you need to teach’ and she gave me a recommendation and I started teaching.”

Q: What did you want to be when you were in high school?

A: “In high school, I wanted to research animals. I actually had a research position at Colorado State University.”

Q: What was your favorite subject in high school?

A: “My favorite subject in high school was English. Because we had an amazing English department, I was able to test out of all my English in college when I went.”

Q: Do you still have the same friends as in high school?

A: “I do. I have a group of friends that I play Words With Friends with on my smartphone … We went to Europe together and we went backpacking around Europe. Now we’re raising kids together.”

Q: What was fashionable when you were in high school?

A: “Midriffs and bell-bottoms and … disco fever.”

Q: Did you dress like that?

A: “I did not dress western, I can guarantee that … I had the shiny shirts when everyone else did, too.”

Q: What’s your favorite holiday and why?

“I love Halloween. I love Halloween because you see everybody’s creativity and a little bit about their inner-self that they may or may not share on a regular basis. Everyone plays pretend for one day and typically, everybody’s happy on that day.”