Chu announces 2009 award winners

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By The Staff

U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu announced today the winners of the 2009 E.O. Lawrence Award for their outstanding contributions in research and development supporting the Department of Energy and its missions.

The award is one of the most prestigious honors given by the department.

The six winners named today will receive a gold medal, a citation and $50,000.  Winners will be honored at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. early next year.

Although none of this year’s award winners were from Los Alamos National Laboratory, past award winners from Los Alamos have included Sig Hecker and Bette Korber.

“The contributions made by these researchers to advance the national, economic and energy security of the United States are wide-ranging and meaningful,” Secretary Chu said.  “I congratulate the winners and look forward to their discoveries still to come.” 

The Lawrence Award was established in 1959 to honor the memory of Dr. Ernest Orlando Lawrence who invented the cyclotron (a particle accelerator), and after whom two major Energy Department laboratories in Berkeley and Livermore, California are named.

The 2009 E.O. Lawrence Award winners are:

Sunney Xie, Harvard University – Chemistry

Sunny Xie will be honored for his innovations in nonlinear Raman microscopy and highly sensitive vibrational imaging, his scientific leadership in establishing the field of single-molecule biophysical chemistry, and his seminal work in enzyme dynamics and live cell gene expression.

Joan F. Brennecke, University of Notre Dame – Environmental Science and Technology

Joan Brennecke will be honored for her seminal work advancing fundamental understanding in supercritical fluids and ionic liquids, and her scientific and technological leadership in discovering new environmentally-benign, green chemistries.

Wim Leemans, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – High Energy and Nuclear Physics

Wim Leemans will be honored for his breakthrough work in developing the laser plasma wakefield accelerator from concept to demonstration, and his scientific leadership exploring its promise and unprecedented possibilities ranging from hyperspectral light sources to high energy colliders.

Zhi-Xun Shen, SLAC National Accelerator National Laboratory and Stanford University – Materials Research

Zhi-Xun Shen will be honored for his ground breaking discoveries and pioneering use of high resolution angle-resolved photoemission to advance understanding of strongly correlated electron systems including high-transition temperature superconductors and other complex oxides.

Omar Hurricane, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – National Security and Nonproliferation

Omar Hurricane will be honored for his scientific leadership to advance understanding in a long-standing nuclear weapons physics anomaly and his contribution to nuclear weapons stockpile stewardship.

William Dorland, University of Maryland – Nuclear Technology

William Dorland will be honored for his scientific leadership in the development of comprehensive computer simulations of plasma turbulence, and his specific predictions, insights, and improved understanding of turbulent transport in magnetically-confined plasma experiments.

For more information on the E.O. Lawrence Award visit: www.science.doe.gov/lawrence/html/Nominations.htm.