Charting UNM-LA's vision for the future

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By The Staff

On April 25, Cedric Page, executive director of UNM - Los Alamos, convened the institution’s first Higher Education Summit.

A special group of community leaders joined forces with the key UNM-LA staff to examine where UNM Los Alamos is going, how it will get there and what will it look like in the future.

This community component of UNM-LA’s strategic planning component helped garner a wide ranging set of strategies. While the open and collaborative dialogue covered many topics, we believe it vital to capture the essence of the feedback and act strategically to begin implementation of community expectations.

Here’s a brief summary of the most significant advice we receive from the community leaders:

• Use a business model to become a non-traditional college focused on unique degree programs designed to attract students from inside and outside Los Alamos.

• Offer unique degree programs that should be pursued to create the right niche including science, technology, engineering and mathematics; quantitative biology; information sciences; and applied technologies.

• Conduct a thorough needs assessment that analyzes not only the degree requirements for the lab, the county and local business but also assesses the physical capacity for student population growth.

• Demystify and communicate the process for translating the results of the needs assessment into academic programs.

• Align programs with UNM-LA’s Extended University to the extent there are clear pathways for four-year degrees. Clearly articulate the linkages between various programs from dual credit with Los Alamos High School through the associate, bachelor and master’s programs.

• Create more synergy between UNM-LA and the LANS sponsored Institute for Advanced Studies, Los Alamos Public Schools, UNM, NMSU and New Mexico Tech.

• Pursue more academic study focused internships with local business, the lab, the hospital and county.

• Focus on marketing the educational opportunities UNM-LA offer to both the local and national community.

We thank the community leaders that provided this valuable input during the summit. The UNM-LA Advisory Board has been actively engaged in all aspects of this effort to strategically plan the future of this institution and we value the messages we received from this community component of the plenary process. Our goal now is to proceed forward and communicate our progress frequently. Those who may have additional feedback are welcome to contact any of the board members as our aim is to provide the unique educational experience our community has challenged us to create.

Marie T. Chiravalle (Secretary)

Term: 2007 – 2011, Position: 3

661-4994, jaypatmarvin@cs.com

Linda Daly (Member)

Term: 2005 – 2009, Position 2

672-4145, casadaly@aol.com or ldaly@laymca.org

Ron Dolin, Ph.D. (Member)

Term: 2005 – 2009, Position: 1

672-3581, rdolin@hotmail.com or rmd@lanl.gov

Nelson Hoffman, Ph.D. (Member)

Term: 2005 – 2009, Position: 5

662-9202, 505-440-0117, nmh@lanl.gov

Michael Wismer (Chairman)

Term: 2007 – 2011, Position: 4

662-8838, 670-2902, mwismer@losalamos.com