Charges dropped against student

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Education > Deal was reached after it was determined he got a new doctor

 The case against a former high school student who allegedly threatened to carry out a high school shooting at Los Alamos High School was dismissed, after a deal was reached between his attorney, Bill Snowden and Assistant District Attorney Kent Wahlquist.
According to Wahlquist, the case against Devon Greene, 18, was dismissed after it was determined he is seeking further treatment for medical issues.
“He has a new doctor, new medication, new treatment,” Wahlquist said.
Greene was arrested April 22 of this year after police determined he threatened to carry out a school shooting at Los Alamos High School. Apparently, he was reported by a witness to school authorities who promptly called the police.
After they contacted Greene about the incident, he voluntarily came in to the station to explain what happened. During his interview, police confronted him with phone texts he allegedly sent, one of them saying: “I’m uncomfortable and … and wanna do a (expletive) shooting at the school ... I’m not in a (expletive) happy mood today.”
A few days later, police charged Greene with with “use of a telephone to terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy or offend (misdemeanor).”