Changes in vaccination schedule coming

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By The Staff

Business Manager John Wolfe of Los Alamos Public Schools participated in a H1N1 conference call Monday geared specifically for all district and charter schools around the state.

Public Education Department Cabinet Secretary Veronica Garcia, Homeland Security and Emergency Management Cabinet Secretary John Wheeler and New Mexico Department of Health officials reiterated information continually distributed on cough etiquette, hand washing and the ill remaining at home for 24 hours following their last fever without medication.  

“Additionally, they talked about the tests showing that one vaccine dose is all that is necessary for adults, but they do not have the clinical test results for pregnant women and kids,” Wolfe said this morning. “They indicated that the first vaccine will target the other risk groups to be received next month and the vaccine for school age kids will likely be in the second or third rounds.”

This directly impacts the discussion local officials had last week about conducting mass vaccinations at Griffith Gymnasium, he said.

The district intends to look at other scenarios not yet determined, Wolfe said. Additional information will be coming from the state soon and local officials plan to meet again on Sept. 28 to discuss further plans.

Absence reporting at the schools has reverted back to normal rules as of last Wednesday.

While there may be some new cases of flu in families in the district, school officials say there are not enough of them to warrant further suspension of normal medical absence protocols.