Chandler outspends Shin as race heats up

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By Tris DeRoma

Judging by the campaign finance reports of New Mexico House of Representatives District 43 Democratic candidate Christine Chandler and Republican candidate Lisa Shin, a race may be afoot.


Chandler spent $14,485.69 of her $32,070.00 September contributions and Shin spent $7,205 of her September contributions and dipped into her August contribution chest to spend $21,346.26 in September.

Chandler’s campaign is running a $26,500 debt. Shin’s latest campaign report shows no debt.

Shin accepted two out-of-state contributions according to her campaign report, $500 from Global Sun Investments based in Atlanta, Georgia, and a $100 donation from a Diane Hendricks from Washington.

Chandler received five out-of-state contributions, $1,000 from the Association of Federal State County Municipal Employees located in Washington, D.C.; $4,000 from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Political Action Committee Voluntary Fund, Washington, D.C.; $200 from the Asbestos Workers Political Action Committee, Lamham, Maryland; $1,500 from Emily’s List, Washington, D.C. and $200 from an Abram Jacobson, who lives in Washington.

Emily’s List is a political action committee that “…ignites change by getting pro-choice Democratic women elected to office,” according to its web site.

Most of Chandler’s and Shin’s contribution funds came from individuals, with Chandler’s funding far exceeding Shin’s.
Chandler’s total campaign budget starting after the June 5 primaries totaled $97,935 and Shin’s totaled $35,634.

Shin said she was proud of her campaign and the money she had raised so far.

“I know that Chandler has raised more money than me, and I commend her for that,” Shin said. “I think it’s actually quite impressive that she’s raised so much, but you know, I’m very thankful for every one of my donations and contributions.”

Chandler noted that many of her contributors were individuals, and that it spoke to the success of her campaign’s message.

“We’ve been doing a lot of phone calling and interacting with the voters and we’ve been getting a positive response on a consistent basis,” Chandler said. “If you look at my reports you’ll see I have a very high percentage of individuals giving me contributions and I think it speaks to the fact that my campaign and my message resonates with voters in the district,” Chandler said.