Chamisa Elementary School kids dedicated to kindness

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By Tris DeRoma

Earlier this month, students at Chamisa Elementary cheered up the entrance of their school and hopefully some hearts with their  “Kindness Garden.” 

The idea came from Chamisa Elementary’s Kiwanis Kids Club.

“A couple of years ago, we used to write inspirational messages on the sidewalks but this year we decided we wanted the messages to last a little longer. So, we took the idea of planting flowers, then rocks, because rocks last a long time,” Chamisa’s Kiwanis Kids Club President Uxue Sansinena said. 

The bright multi-colored rocks and stones have positive messages written on them such a “Be Brave,” “Aloha” and sayings like “Believe Dreams Come True.” 

Chamisa Elementary Principal Suzanne Lynne thought the front of the school needed to look more welcoming, so encouraged the idea. While it will teach the kids to be kind and thoughtful, Lynne also hoped it will help children and adults who are having a bad day. 

“I saw a teacher pick one up that said ‘patience’ and she said this one is for me this week,” Lynne said.  “Maybe there’s a message you needed to see on your way into school today, and there it was.”

Chamisa Elementary art teacher Renee Mitsunaga said the students had a good time designing their rocks.

“I think everyone had a positive experience, thinking about their design, their rocks and their contributions to this garden, Mitsunaga said. “A lot of the younger ones wanted to take the rocks home.”