Celebrating 60 years of artistic accomplishments

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By The Staff

This summer Los Alamos celebrates its 60th Anniversary and The Art Center at Fuller Lodge is getting ready to start things off with a bang.  The Art Center’s newest exhibition, “Los Alamos Yesterday and Today” opens Friday and runs through July 25.  The exhibit encompasses both the surrounding landscape and cultures integral to Los Alamos and celebrates the unique essence of Los Alamos itself.

Central to the exhibit is a quilt pieced together by the Pajarito Chapter of the Embroider’s Guild of America in 1981. The quilt is both a historic piece in and of itself, and a piece that speaks to the history and essence of Los Alamos. The quilt creates an apt analogy for the show as a whole, as it pieces together visual snippets of Los Alamos.

The artwork brought together for the 60th Anniversary does the same, whether by showing a quiet morning of recognizable Los Alamos cityscapes through Jim Gautier’s and Joel Williams’ camera lenses, or by bringing in culture and history through Christine Brown’s “Stabilizing Romero Cabin” photograph and Chris Judson’s stained glass “Water Serpent at Tsirege.”  

The quilt tells a story, as does Terry Foxx’s meticulously crafted art book, which seats historical photographs taken as early as the 1920s next to the same sites as photographed today. The quilt feels as warm and familiar as Kathleen Veenstra’s landscapes and pottery.  It represents the very individual pursuits of the residents of Los Alamos, much like Maggie Tomei’s series of photographs pick up on the unique attributes of the Black Hole.  

Finally, the quilt creates a distinct sense of place as can be seen in the many timeless landscapes of the area. TK Thompson’s photographs speak of a community nestled in the mountains under an impressive vista, while Mary Carole Williams’ and Linda Cox’s work point to the warmth and ruggedness of the mesas.  Featured artist Doug Coombs captures the majestic and ever changing aspects of the land around Los Alamos with his stormy skies and dramatic lighting, while Portal Gallery artist Robert Estep interprets the landscape with colorful style.

Most of all, “Los Alamos Yesterday and Today” shows off Los Alamos and its artists, at their very best.

In fact, all the artists showing in this exhibit are Los Alamos residents.

The community is invited to come celebrate Los Alamos and meet the artists from 5-7 p.m. Friday at the Art Center at Fuller Lodge at 2132 Central Avenue, or to come by and see the show any time before July 25.  

The center’s hours are 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Saturday. There is a virtual preview at artfulnm.org/LA60th.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ken Nebel is a Board Member of the Art Center at Fuller Lodge