Celebrating 10 years

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By Kirsten Laskey

It’s been 10 years since Dr. Yushu Cheng first opened the doors to the Acupuncture Clinic and with an anniversary and a new year underway, Cheng is taking the opportunity to thank Los Alamos residents and wish them a Happy New Year.

It’s been a busy 10 years for Cheng. “Every year we treat lots of different cases,” she said. “Mostly they are pain, muscle pain, nerve pain, joint pain (and) many different kinds of pain. Also we treat traumatology problems, internal medical disease, dermatology disease, genecology problems.”

Cheng treats these ailments through acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Chinese Tui Na massage.

Acupuncture, she explained works by balancing the body’s yin-yang. Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine take a holistic, or whole–body approach to health. From a TCM (tradition Chinese medicine) point of view, the root cause of diseases is imbalances body’s yin and yang.  

From a Western medicine point of view, in acupuncture, needles are used to move blood circulation, as well as change pH levels and chemistry on the body.

Cheng became interested in acupuncture because “When I was 7-years-old, I got headaches. I was treated by acupuncture,” she said. “My headaches got much better (after getting) acupuncture.”

 “In 1978, I went to a traditional Chinese medicine school for eight years, the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Changchun in JiLi,” Cheng added. “My specialty was cardiology. (I) used traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine to treat heart disease and other diseases for nine years in China.”

After 1995, she and her husband moved to U.S. Her husband works at Los Alamos National Laboratory and in 1999, she opened her clinic.

In addition to her acupuncture clinic, Cheng teaches part-time at Southwest Acupuncture College. She teaches Chinese herbs.

 “Most people experience significant pain at some time in their lives …No one should have to live with pain,” she said. “But what treatment is right for them? Acupuncture is a time-tested, safe, effective, natural and drug-free way to eliminate pain.”  

Cheng said she always looking at ways to improve. For instance, she attends seminars to gain knowledge.

She also works with local doctors and will do referrals.

Since living in Los Alamos for the past 14 years, Cheng said she really enjoys the local community.

 “I like the people here,” she said. “People here are nice and have knowledge of traditional Chinese Medicine … they have given my clinic lots of support.”

“Patients trust this Traditional Chinese Medicine method,” she added.

Cheng said she tries to treat each patient as if this person was herself or a family member.

The Acupuncture Clinic is located at 3500 Trinity Drive in suite A-3. Cheng said she accepts most insurance. For more information, call 661-4127. Her office is opened from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Friday.