Celebrate the unsung hero today

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By Kirsten Laskey

I have no personal experience to draw from, but being a mother looks tough. I constantly see my sister racing after her kids to make sure they are safe and are behaving themselves.

Her infant’s cries wake her and her husband up at night, and her toddlers’ activities keep her busy driving the car.

But then again, motherhood doesn’t seem to be all craziness. I’ve seen my sister’s and her kids’ faces shine with delight as they read a story on the couch. It is also touching to see the youngsters give their mom a hug.

With this huge responsibility of raising children and weathering through the good and bad times, it must feel nice to know that there is someone or something to help you along.

In Los Alamos, one of those helping hands is Hope Pregnancy Center.

The Center offers a parent-mentoring program, which pairs clients with a mentor who assists them in reaching personal and parenting goals.

Clients also participate in video lessons that cover topics such as fetal development, prenatal care, adoption options and parenting skills.  

For those who did not anticipate becoming mother, the center offers free pregnancy tests, peer counseling and information on options available to clients.

Additionally, for clients who did want to become a parent, the center offers help to those dealing with the effects of an abortion and provides peer counseling and a support group.

Hope Pregnancy Center Sarah Taylor emphasized the importance for mothers to find support.

“Try to build a good support network,” she said.

Taylor added there are a lot of agencies in town for mothers. Knowing what those resources are gives mothers a good start.

“Don’t try and do it alone,” Taylor said.

Taylor speaks not only as the executive director of Hope Pregnancy, but as a mother her self.  

She said, “My ability to be a good mom hinges on the support the man in my life offers and for women who have partners our services to men help build the foundation of a good support network, which is an educated partner.”

Today, Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the sometimes- underappreciated hero, the mother.

“I feel like in today’s culture, often the mother’s role in undervalued. The contributions a good mom makes to society is a tangible and lasting one and the help we can offer a new mother equips her to make a lasting difference in the world around her,” Taylor said.

To Taylor, personally, “Mother’s Day for me is a way to evaluate what sort of person I am to my children and to ask myself if I’m being the best mom I can be and because my heart is in helping people around me … I ask myself how can I teach (my children) to serve others so they make the world a better place.”