CB Fox supports Trinity Site

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CB FOX unequivocally supports the Trinity Project. We have since its conception and continue to do so.
It’s been suggested that more competition via the arrival of new brand name retailers at the Project will harm CB FOX. We patently do not subscribe to that notion, but instead are certain that significantly increased retail choice will significantly increase retail traffic in Los Alamos.  
And RE: the prediction that the internet will dominate and destroy, CB FOX has not in all the years the internet has gathered in increased sales nationally, CB FOX has not been hurt by it and in fact the opposite is true: we have grown at a better than 8% clip every year since 2007.
And that is annual growth not annualized growth. Incidentally, what that says to me is that not all internet shoppers shop the same in the same way or with equal zeal, you might say. So, with all due respect to an i-shoppers’ suppositions to the contrary, we offer CB FOX’s factual, real world, Los Alamos-based, persistent experience as evidence that i-domination ain’t necessarily so. The wit, energy and innovative capacity of a bricks and mortar store is able to cause it to contune, regardless.
Again, CB FOX unequivocally supports the Trinity Project. The more retail choice here the better.
Dave Fox
Los Alamos