Cartoon offended some

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By The Staff

Newspapers were guardians of our Republic. Now most have moved left, supporting our country’s slide into socialism or worse. I never thought of the Monitor as a zampolit for Marxism. So, I found the political cartoon that you published on April 18, “Tea Party: White Tea Blend,” which shows a KKK tea bag, vile and offensive, but telling.

To disagree with the Left is to be called a “racist.” Such “politically incorrect” free speech is handled via today’s state media through character assassination, not facts.

Fine. Conservatives of all races, the vast majority of Americans, are now awakening to destruction of our Republic by Progressives from both political parties. Real hope and change are indeed coming for America, but from the center-Right. We do cling to our religion and guns and will vote our disgust at the ballot box in November.

God save America.

Jeff Knapp

Los Alamos