Capturing a moment in time

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By The Staff

A portrait captures a moment in time that is to be cherished forever. Jennifer Hanson Bartram of Viewfinder Photography hopes to make the details of capturing the moment even better. Bartram took her portrait photography on the road, thus evolving into Viewfinder Traveling Portraits.

“I wanted to provide a resource for people to get their portraits done in the comfort of their own homes or in front of any of the beautiful vistas in the Los Alamos area,” said Bartram, who has photographed numerous senior pictures with the background locals have grown up with.

The 29-year passion became a full-time focus for Bartram last year when she realized her heart was set on creating moments for families and telling the story of their lives. The stories are told through people, locations and props that reflect the passion of the subject.

While major studios often don’t allow pets or time to change outfits, Bartram’s views on what tells people’s stories are just the opposite. Her work includes; casual portraits with a goal to capture the true essence of people.

“I have found that people are more relaxed outside or in their homes and their smiles are more natural and relaxed,” she said. “Also, I am able to capture better pictures of children when they’re in their own environment or playing with the family pet.

“You receive a CD of all of your pictures so that you can use them over and over and through whatever venue you would prefer,” Bartram said. “Having a CD saves the customer countless hours scanning in pictures to send to relatives or friends across the country.”

As Los Alamos can sometimes be viewed as a small town and the competition can have a direct effect on the bottom line, Bartram’s work has led to collaborating with Don Taylor, himself a stellar photographer.

“I download pictures to Don Taylor’s and my clients have the option of ordering their ViewFinder Traveling Portraits from Don for a 20 percent discount,” Bartram said.

Bartram’s workload has already begun, as students start to scramble for their senior pictures. Photography packages can be arranged early or well into the school year when the need for graduation pictures arises.

The customer selects everything from the number of locations and pictures to the lengths of the session that usually range from 45 minutes to two hours. A variety of circumstances have been accommodated in the past including special locations off the beaten path or the inclusion of horses or other non-traditional subjects.

The possibilities are endless, especially for families that find difficulty loading up multiple children to have holiday pictures or special occasion pictures done. There’s no need to wait in a line and no reason a few minutes can’t be set aside if a baby becomes fussy or needs to eat to make it through the photography session.

Bartram said she is happy to explain the great deal of options that exist and is currently working on a website that will detail some of the many options in a tech-savvy society.

She is currently available by calling 672-3405 and her work can be viewed in the Los Alamos Monitor.