Candidate clarifies stance

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I would like to clear up an item written about me in an article in the March 6 Monitor. The text was as follows: “Baca is the only candidate at the forum to speak disparagingly about the lab. Director Mike Anastasio, Baca said, lives in Santa Fe and he and other ‘highly paid’ lab officials “could care less about people in Los Alamos finding affordable housing.”I did say all of those words but parts are missing. What I said was that Anastasio lives in Santa Fe and doesn’t care about White Rock or Los Alamos. Instead he and his high-paid Bechtel cronies care about bonuses for themselves and LANS, LLC’s bottom line.  They now have to pay GRT and in order to afford that, they aren’t going to cut their salaries or bonuses –  but jobs.We need to create more economic development in retail and other services for the survival of our community. We need to increase our tax base by creating more businesses – more choices – for the citizens of Los Alamos and keep money here. We also don’t need Smith’s to move across the street to the Trinity Site. That’s not what people want and if we’re going to do that we might as well build another nuclear weapons lab in town while we’re at it.The lab is the largest employer in Los Alamos but it isn’t the only one. There are many people here who have no affiliation with the lab. These people didn’t move here because of the lab; they moved here because, like me, they fell in love with Los Alamos and want it to be here for a long time. We also don’t want the lab to go away and in my opinion, it won’t. If the people in Washington are smart, they will realize that we have the best and brightest scientists in this town, capable of more than bomb-building. As for the affordable housing issue, we have two proposals in the Trinity and White Rock redevelopment plans to build more housing, 30 percent of which will be affordable housing, subsidized in some way. If we create more jobs in town outside of the lab then we should be able to house people in decent affordable housing and not cram them into some of the substandard cheap housing that currently exists.Manuel BacaCouncil CandidateWhite Rock