Calling on people in the community to fast

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Dear ministers of our Lord, I am a minister of the Lord God who has been called to contact you concerning a corporate fast that the Father God has led me to share with you.  
I have recently completed an 80 day fast (mostly water) on Oct. 30, in which the Father shared with me that he wants His people in the Los Alamos area to Fast and Pray and seek Him for His will and for you and your congregations, as well as for what He wants to do in your life, their lives and in the Northern New Mexico area.
He shared with me that the weekly Los Alamos City Wide Worship and Prayer Group should advertise in the Los Alamos Monitor a corporate 10 day fast for all ministers of Father God.
Also, all Christians are also encouraged to join in the corporate fast. This fast will begin Monday, and end Dec. 21.  
We praise God we have now more than 10 individuals committed to doing this fast.  We need all of you to join us in obeying Father God and allowing Him to do as He has planned.
God is calling His church in this season to Fast and Pray.  He is also calling her to consecrate and obey Him.  

Keegan Juniper
Kindle the Fire of
God Ministries