Caller said 'Allah is great'

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By John Severance

A few more details have been released on Wednesday’s bomb scare at TA-72 on Los Alamos National Laboratory property.

According to a Los Alamos Police Department incident report, Cpl. Alfred Roybal was dispatched to the scene at 3:50 p.m. and Lt. Preston Ballew and police chief Wayne Torpy arrived shortly thereafter.

“Upon arrival I met with Brenda Anderson (who works for Emergency Management and Response) who explained to me prior to my arrival, a bomb trained K-9 arrived, and was canvassing the area,” Roybal wrote in the report. “Brenda also added she notified her chain of command, and LAPD. It should be noted, as property managers, SOC personnel canvassed the immediate and surrounding areas, and determined there were no unusual or suspicious circumstances.”

After determining the shooting range area was safe, lab officials tried to obtain the telephone number on the caller ID, but they were unsuccessful.

They were able to determine that the bomb scare came in at approximately 3:40 p.m. and after hearing the recording, the caller appeared to be a female approximately 50 years old and she stated “Allah is great.”

Torpy said there have been other bomb threats made during his tenure as police chief.

He said the reason he was on the scene for this particular incident was because the Truck Route was being shut down right around rush hour.

“I wanted to make sure we did our due diligence and investigate the scene and at the same time get the road back open as soon as we could,” Torpy said.

Torpy said the LAPD followed its usual protocol.

“We contacted the management, we did a thorough search of the area and then you move on,” he said.

Torpy said there are no suspects in the case and there has not been any kind of pattern.

“There really is not too much to follow up on,” Torpy said.

Torpy said if anybody has any information on the case to call the police department at  662-8222.