Cafeteria offers students a variety

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By Andrew Li

Everyone who’s been to Los Alamos High School knows there is a cafeteria, and everyone who knows about the cafeteria has probably eaten there at least once since it opened. 
So as with everything on planet Earth, there are those who like it and those who hate it.
I lean toward the “like” category.  Note to freshman: one big reason you should accept the cafeteria’s offerings is because the food is great, compared to the middle school’s glue and plastic (supposedly) mac and cheese they offer with some meals. 
For the rest of the student body, the cafeteria works just like any other cafeteria … it’s as good as it’s going to get.
They serve up the cafeteria food you would expect, such as pizza and hamburgers, along with an assortment of chicken strips, salads and Frito pie, all of which taste alright.
I’d say the pizza is best, though. On that note, you probably want to know what the pizza, Frito pie and burger is like.  
The burger is like something you’d find at McDonald’s. The pizza is the best of the offerings because of the taste. The toppings always vary — you don’t know what toppings they’ll put on until you buy a slice —  and there’s not too much sauce and not too much cheese. One bite won’t turn your pizza from cheese color to red, in other words.
I tend to not point fingers at food quality as long as it tastes fine. If it were gourmet restaurant-quality, we’d be charged more.
OK, so maybe saying I don’t point fingers at quality is kind of a lie. There is one offering I don’t like: the brownies. They feel like they were carved out of Chaco Canyon (no pun intended). If you want desert, buy the pudding, they even put cookie crumbles in it.
Also, I recommend the pizza because I know only what the pizza and hamburger tastes like. As for everything else, it looks great, but I haven’t tried it.  
I don’t hear anything sketchy about any of the food, and it looks as you’d expect: fresh, hot, chilled, etc. You can wash this all down with either milk, Gatorade, or fruit juice, if you have enough money after buying your food.  
In all honesty, aside from taste, the pizza is the best choice for value, as well.  It’s less than four bucks for one pizza slice, which is about ⅙ the size of the pizza, yet it’s almost five bucks for a McDonald’s-size burger.  
The other food items I mentioned are around $4, but I don’t remember the exact prices for anything else, so don’t quote me on that.
All in all, the cafeteria food is pricey, but it’s great after having no legitimate cafeteria food, let alone a cafeteria, at the high school for nearly five years.
Note: Apparently you get charged for salad dressing. That’s silly, but not as silly as getting charged for sporks at the middle school.