A busy week

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By Ralph Damiani

Several things struck us this week. Let’s run them down.

No prosecution

The decision by the District Attorney’s Office to decline to prosecute a man charged with eight felony sex crimes involving a female child younger than 13 is just stunning.

We have had complaints about our D.A. for some time and he surely has not been in the forefront of prosecuting crimes in Los Alamos.

But this is almost too much to endure. A person charged by police with four counts of criminal sexual penetration with a minor under the age of 13, as well as being charged with four counts of criminal sexual contact with a minor under the age of 13, each of which are second-degree felonies, being deemed unworthy of prosecution is simply insulting to the people who live here.

Det. Shari Mills comment that, “This is a disappointing situation,” may rank as the understatement of the century.

We have high hopes for Attorney Spence Pacheco who appears to be in line to be the new district attorney.

Firefighters appeal

The county’s decision to appeal a summary judgment concerning a contract the county has with firefighters volunteering for Paramedic School is probably a good idea. This matter needs to be settled.

We hope that somehow the two sides can come to an understanding that would settle this dispute as both sides have valid points.

The county surely cannot be a state or regional training ground, where it trains first-class EMTs, only to see them leave after the training. It is expensive and the county is making a large investment in these people.

On the other side, the firefighters have a point that it is not fair to keep them tied down for two years or more.

An agreement needs to be found – one that is not imposed by the court.

Diamond Drive

There are many Los Alamos residents who feel that the Diamond Drive project is one that seems like it will last forever. While that is almost partly true – Phase 4 will be going on in 2010 – the part that is not true is that Phase 2 may end on time the end of October.

The inconvenience that this project has caused residents and businesses has been extreme. But it is necessary as the road needs to upgraded.

While one can argue on just how well this was all handled, it is what it is and we will all be glad when it is over.

All construction delays, detours and frustration from drivers trying to navigate through this construction zone will not be missed.

We can only hope that phases three and four go a bit more smoothly.


There is an important election this fall – and not just nationally. We will elect three county councilors and they will have a great impact on our lives for many years.

Today, we are running the second in our series on what the candidates have to say. These are important times and issues and we urge you all to study the issues, learn about all the candidates and then go vote.

Early voting begins Oct. 6.