Bussolinis speak out

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I am writing this letter on behalf of my wife, Lee and myself to separate fact from fiction in the recent articles written by Carol A. Clark in the Los Alamos Monitor.
Among other things, the articles included accusations about a relationship between Mr. Dick Burick and me.
I am fortunate to have a wonderfully supportive family and friends and I want them to know the facts.
I have paid dearly, both personally and financially for my indiscretions of nine years ago and to this day am sorry for the pain I have caused my family and friends. That case had nothing to do with Mr. (Charles) Montaño and the subsequent accusations, cited in the Monitor articles from sworn depositions and affidavits.
Statements describing a relationship between myself and Mr. Burick are completely untrue. I hardly knew Mr. Burick and in fact, never had any personal contact or discussions with him. I did see Mr. Burick very occasionally at a meeting where the extent of our exchanges were “hello” or “how are you.”
The implications were very suggestive and inflammatory to both the deceased Mr. Burick and myself, and I want to emphasize that I never had any personal interaction with Mr. Burick.
I am very sympathetic to the Burick family for the pain caused to them by the recent articles. Like us, I know that they are just trying to put painful issues behind them and go on with their lives in the best way possible. I feel the people involved in these articles owe the Burick family, as a minimum, an apology.
Although in a bit of shock about the erroneous information that has recently been written, Lee and I are okay and again trying to go on with our lives.

Peter and Lee Bussolini
White Rock