Business people our best hope

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It is no accident that aspiring GOP presidential candidates are focused on our economy — or rather what needs to be done to get it back into good shape.
Almost three years into a devastating recession, precipitated by the mortgage loan debacle of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and made worse by the fiscally irresponsible policies of both the congress and Obama administration, there has been very little recovery.
And the painful consequences of lost jobs, reduced wages and a problematic future for millions of Americans are hurting people in ways unimaginable just three years ago.
I’ve been heard to say publicly that free markets routinely rise and recede, and that politicians don’t really create jobs, businesses do.
But economically ignorant politicians and bad public policies can make a recession much worse and kill jobs. This is exactly why we’re in a hole and digging it deeper.
It can’t stay this way, or every single one of us in this great country is in deep trouble — failure to fix our economy is simply not an option.
I’ve created a business, created jobs and now am working to create more.
From my own experience, I know we can fix things — it certainly won’t be easy, but it can be done.
We’ll have to get people out of the way who know little to nothing about our free market economy and private enterprise. More lawyers, and people with no private sector experience in charge, simply can’t fix our economy.
Men and women with business savvy can — and must. And we’ll never get enough of them into public service because most just want to grow their businesses, taking justifiable pride in their accomplishments and contributions to America’s economic successes.
I also believe we can resuscitate higher-end manufacturing in this country, which will keep jobs here and create new ones.
Creating a more competitive business environment will be required, but the benefits are apolitical and flow to everyone.
Since when do we have to take second place to emerging markets?
We don’t — if we implement policies and regulations to “promote” business formation and growth, not squelch it, which is too often the case across the United States.
My home state of New Mexico is a statistic that is absolutely unacceptable.
This state is one of only four in the nation that recently reported a net loss of jobs.
High unemployment is bad enough — running off jobs is a killer. New Mexico can do better!
Why good business leaders are essential to the recovery is because they’re trained to create jobs, make profits to grow companies, and — perhaps most important — “think out of the box” to effectively compete in their respective marketplaces.
If you’ve done this with success, applying that experience in creating solutions is an invaluable contribution in fixing this terrible recession we’re in.

Allen Weh, former chair, N.M. Republican Party