Bus skids in ski hill mishap

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By Arin McKenna

An Atomic City Transit bus was making a test run on the Pajarito Ski Hill Road but ended up in a ditch at about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday.

“We were doing some snow training with the drivers in preparation for the ski hill route. The bus lost traction and the driver was able to get it safely off to the side,” said Transportation Division Management Analyst Jill Carothers. “The driver and vehicle are fine. We just needed a tow truck to pull the back wheel out.”

The county has taken several steps to gear up for the new ski hill shuttle.

A turnaround was built earlier this year so buses can change course on a flat surface rather than in the lower parking lot.

The focus is now on training.

“We had an instructor come in from Steamboat Springs and do specific winter weather driving. They provide a lot of ski service and have a lot of experience driving in those conditions. Their safety specialist came down and did training with our drivers,” Carothers said.

“And now that there’s snow on the ground we’re out there doing more training. Our drivers are prepared. We’ve got a great trainer and we’re not going to put people out there who aren’t ready to go.”