Burglars lounge around homes

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By Carol A. Clark

A handyman’s Alcalde nephew, a carpet cleaner wanted in Oklahoma and a 15-year-old “mobbin’” ringleader from Walnut Street are each implicated in local burglaries.

The 15-year old claims responsibility for at least 20 burglaries around the Walnut Street area, driving Zone 17 into the highest residential burglary sector in the county between January and June, according to police reports.

“The youth admitted that he and several friends walked the streets around their neighborhood late at night in what they call ‘mobbin,’” said Los Alamos Police Detective Doug Johnson. “They would try car door handles and take things from inside cars they found unlocked. “He also admitted to taking a shotgun from one unlocked car.”

The youth was charged July 22 and the case turned over to the juvenile probation office.

The Alcalde man, Eugene Martinez, 23, was arrested July 28 in the 1100 block of San Ildefonso Road and charged with burglary. The estimated loss was $544 in cash taken from a bedroom dresser of the homeowner who had employed Martinez’s uncle for some five years, according to police reports.

Cpl. Oliver Morris arrived on the scene after the homeowner and the man’s uncle returned from a trip to the landfill.

The homeowner noticed his money missing and called police, saying the person or persons, “even had the gall to eat before they left.”

Martinez had remained behind when the other men went to the landfill and according to police, broke into the man’s house through a rear window.

“I noticed an unusual footprint in the dirt below the window,” Morris said. “I asked Mr. Martinez to show me the sole of his shoe and it was a perfect match. He admitted breaking into the home and taking the money, which he then pulled out of his sock.”

Martinez is awaiting arraignment.

Johnson, Det. Ron Binion and other officers worked the case of Amos Fleetwood, 32, of Oklahoma.

He recently started working with a company cleaning carpets in Quemazon.

July 21, Fleetwood slipped away from the crew and broke into four homes, according to police reports. He stole some items and broke others.

One homeowner reported his house had been ransacked. A computer keyboard, wall mirror and two glass vases were smashed, he said. Food from his kitchen was eaten. The burglar also laid in his bed and apparently took a bath because the tub was left full of water, he said.

Police discovered a shoe print on the front door of the home, which appeared to have been kicked, damaging the door jam where the doorknob and dead bolt were engaged, according to the report.

Charges of burglary have been filed against Fleetwood.

He also was arrested on an outstanding warrant from Oklahoma, according to police.

He was extradited to that jurisdiction where he is wanted for Battery on a Household member involving strangulation.