Burglaries at an all-time high in Santa Fe

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SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Repeat offenders are helping drive up residential burglaries in Santa Fe. The police department released numbers Monday showing residential burglaries were at a 15-year high in 2010.

There were 876 residential burglaries investigated in the city limits in 2010, up 7 percent from the 820 in 2009.

Police Capt. Gerald Rivera says officers arrest a lot of the same guys over and over for burglary.

Rivera says burglaries are not really considered violent offenses and judges seem reluctant to give burglars any real time in prison.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reports the city's Property Crimes Division has recently compiled an unofficial list of about 50 people considered the most problematic repeat offenders.

Additionally, a packet of mug shots has been distributed to pawn shops and gold and jewelry buyers.