Buildings visible at Airport Basin Site

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By Jennifer Garcia

A few months ago, the Airport Basin Site behind De Colores Restaurant was little more than a pit full of construction workers and materials.

Today, however, buildings are visible and it seems like more progress is being made each day.

Tonight, the Guaranteed Maximum Price #4 will be presented to council, along with the quarterly update on the project. According to an update posted on the county’s website, the construction work is on budget and on schedule.

With the increased windy weather, crews are working diligently to step up watering efforts.

On Friday, Hensel Phelps Site Superintendent Bill Sloan, along with county staff members, gave school board members, county councilors and the media a tour of the Airport Basin Site.

Among those who attended the tour were school board members Thelma Hahn and Melanie McKinley; Los Alamos Schools Assistant Superintendent Kate Thomas; County Councilor Nona Bowman and Council Chair Michael Wheeler; County Administrator Max Baker; Capital Projects and Facilities Director Anne Laurent and other county staff members.

Those who took the tour were able to enter a couple of the buildings that are being constructed and were given updates on the status of those buildings.

A tour of Building C, which will house Public Works was given, as well as a tour of Building B, which will house the schools.

“Everyone is in different stages,” Sloan said. “Progress is staggered. We’re working hard to get the paving started at the end of next week. Construction is on schedule, but we had a tough December.” He also mentioned that most of the power is in place.

So far, the following work is ongoing at Building C:

• Installation of masonry block walls.

• Metal stud and sheetrock installation.

• Insulation activities.

• Fireproofing application.

• Overhead door installation.

• Metal panel siding installation.

• Installation of overhead mechanical/electrical/plumbing.

“We’ve started installation of the overhead doors. This building will be LEED Silver. It’s mandated by the county council,” Engineering Project Manager Dan Erickson said.

During the tour, Bowman asked Erickson what would sort of covering would be put on the floor of Building C.

“Vinyl tile,” Erickson responded, “we really tried to trim things down. It’s a combination of carpet and tile. The office areas will have carpeting.”

Following the tour of Building C, school board members got a sneak peek at what their building is going to look like.

So far, the slab on grade installation has been completed, as well as the slab on deck installation; installation of the masonry block walls is ongoing; the installation of the insulated metal roofing is almost complete, and the installation of the overhead mechanical/electrical/plumbing has begun.

According to the county’s schedule, a portion of the county’s and schools’ buildings will be moved into the Airport Basin Site by December of this year.

The remainder will be moved in February 2010.

In addition, the following work has been done on Building H, which will house Traffic and Striping:

• Painting activities will start within three weeks.

• Completion of overhead door installation.

• Interior metal studs and sheet rock activities are ongoing.

• Installation of overhead mechanical/electrical/plumbing.

• Insulated roof panels installation is almost complete.

Building D, which will house utilities, is making progress, as well.  The installation of under-slab mechanical/electrical/plumbing and slab on grade is complete; the structural steel installation is complete; roof-decking installation is ongoing; and the concrete wall panel installation is also ongoing.

Work at Buildings E (Warehouse, Fleet) and F (Truck Wash) is a little slower going. Building E currently has ongoing slab on grade work being done, as well as near completion of the installation of footers and stem walls.

The structural steel installation for Building E was started on April 23.

Meanwhile, the installation of footers and stem walls at Building F is complete, while the structural steel installation is ongoing.

For a complete list and update of construction, visit the county website at www.losalamosnm.us.